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Part 2 of powerpc64.git
The original Centroid.EU blog written in PHP
The second Centroid.EU blog written in C with BCHS (kcgi)
Unnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository.
My last 64-bit port attempt of OpenBSD/macppc. Never got console, but the bootloader was interesting to do. This was a FAIL.
I use this pass-calculator to create long WIFI passwords.
The last popa3d from OpenBSD, changed to accept TLS 1.2 secure connections.
My attempt at porting OpenBSD/macppc to 64-bit for my G5 in 2018 here are the sources changes/history. The effort was a fail, but it got enough attention with OpenBSD to do their own powerpc64 port for POWER9 machines (raptorcs)
a UPS shutdown monitoring daemon that shuts down a host when it falls below 120 seconds of uptime on the UPS.
This is the legacy WildcardDNSD code repository that hasn't seen development since November 2014 after the fork to delphinusdnsd (also in this gotweb).
a GTK shutdown program for my macbook pro running OpenBSD 7.1 / requires installation and modification of the /etc/doas.conf file