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commit - 0d1b8743cd6c4f6a0f4e15fc196c2036c6a1f466
commit + 0bc2ad624e61a3fa6f25bbbf8b12a2d2ce40d243
blob - bfd6e818e5aef6eb4dcb351f042fd621b528535d
blob + ab104aa40817f9a6356afb4467d1105f42823456
@@ -4,6 +4,8 @@ Changes in BETA_7 from BETA_6
 - change to Berkeley DB 4.6+ on BSD hosts (Linux had it already)
 - allow numerous copies of wildcardnsd to pre-fork (-n flag)
 - AXFR master code (this allows a bind9 slave to work with wildcarddnsd)
+- fix an integer overrun in parse.c which prevented big endian hosts to
+  make use of ANY replies and AXFR
 Changes in BETA_6 from BETA_5