0.9.0 is the last version of Wildcarddnsd, the succeeding project is called Delphinusdnsd and will have its first release around November 15th, 2015. The new project page is at

/var/db/wdns for mac os x

2.0.5 -> 2.1.1

* make wildcarddnsd compile on Mac OS X with default privileges of "nobody" * indicate install instructions for Mac OS X Yosemite (10.10)

remove freebsd directory

move example file to directory examples as stated in the README

OpenBSD 5.4 -> 5.6


* make wildcarddnsd compile and run on NetBSD 6.1.5

libressl 2.1.1

Untested change to libressl 2.1.1, I'll follow-up commit if this needs touchup

Remove root hints file which offers a great amplification for reflection attacks. Whoever used my servers for this, go to hell, you know who you are. This section will be reinstated after recursing works, which may be never.

Log TCP bytes as well...

log this change (recieved bytes / sent bytes)

After talking about a DDOS attack that I saw in my logs with my friend, I decided to log received bytes and sent bytes. Much useless typing for this but I got it.

Linux MINT needs to apt-get install build-essential, in order to build libressl, other than that it works like the others

instead of setproctitle()'ing "wildcarddnsd master on port %u" just display "wildcarddnsd master" as we don't know the port yet when it's defined in the later checked configfile. So DONT LIE if it differs.

* reflect linux's dependence on libressl 2.0.5

* move todo for 0.9.0 away, I probably won't have the time to finish these things. They are just more on my plate for 1.0.0

we use LibreSSL 2.0.5 now, make mention of it. Also update the Mac OS X compile table.

we now rely on libressl 2.0.5, one must download this if using linux and make it (takes about an hour on the raspberry pi) this is better though than having to maintain a utility for arc4random which portably is hard to get right, just let libressl take care of that. We also fix the Mac OS X port with this. At least it compiles now.

A wildcarddns.conf(5) manpage

add mention of wildcarddns.conf(5) in SEE ALSO section

* Makefile updates for including the manpage wildcarddns.conf(5) for NetBSD (untested) and FreeBSD (tested)

* add a wildcarddns.conf(5) manpage, this is incomplete but a good start perhaps someone wants to complete this?