* add logging support to BETA_7, just so that more can be appended to it

* make Linux happy, make NetBSD happy * forgot to add log.c which is needed for this last commit tested on Linux Debian 6.0, NetBSD (compiles), FreeBSD 8.2 (compiles), OpenBSD

* add logging support, a syslog like service that allows one daemon to contact another wildcarddnsd daemon and send it its log, I like this because it aggregates all logs to a dns system. I had this running in production for a day now and it seems to be stable. Here is a sample log entry: logging "these hosts" { logbind yes; loghost ::1; logport 19999; logpasswd peter; } This particular one binds and is a listener, to be a logger leave the logbind out. * Also cleaned up mainloop() somewhat, using recvfrom() with a struct sockaddr caused some corruption in the buf array and recvmsg() would complain and nothing worked anymore. That is ironed out and I have also added a struct cfg to be passing to mainloop() since arguments to mainloop are growing with new ideas and functionality, this keeps the argument rather compacted. Also cfg is calloc'ed and resides on the heap. * adjust Makefiles, but not tested on any other than OpenBSD and FreeBSD 7.3

* since Makefile.bsd doesn't exist anymore update configure script * also add netbsd's Makefile in there, it was forgotten.

Removed Makefile.bsd use Makefile.openbsd

Added a nicer named Makefile for openbsd-

* fix the configure script so that it produces a config.h * main.c will now require a config.h to exist which requeires a configure to be done before compiling * update README we're changing default privileges from user named to wdnsd

*** empty log message ***

* change to bourne instead of bash, less reliance on bash

* merge from BETA_6STABLE, manual page directories

* make netbsd happy

Changes in BETA_6 from BETA_5 - Addition of the utterly broken recursive lookup code - conf file is at version 4 now - inclusion of a "root hints" entry in some example.conf's - "ANY" RR type replies - pidfiles written to /var/run - master process which can be HUP'ed for reloading the nameserver - compress_label fix from possible overflow - DNS TTL logging fix for OpenBSD - TCP filedescriptor fix (so -> tnp->so)

* disable the afterinstall for now, not sure if we'll use them

* when configuring find out diff between freebsd 7 and rest as 7.X needs a different makefile * freebsd makefiles with afterinstall entry for executing script in freebsd/

* when sending the SIGHUP signal to the master process the daemon will reload itself by executing a new copy of itself, re-reading configfiles along with it. This needs testing but should make it a lot simpler on my typing hands.

* when a slave dies it will signal to the master that it died which then will bring all the other slaves down. It polls every second for this via shared memory (anonymous mmap).

* change the configure shell to /usr/bin/env, more portable

* update README on what it can't do and what would be nice to have * update main.c for including a pid file, this is work in progress I just want to get this out quick. * fix example files

* this fix is needed because this function is based on compress_label() in main.c which was recently fixed.

* fix a bug that could turn out nasty when memory is not zeroed. Report and Fix from Maxim Sergeev, thanks a lot! * catpage will likely have changed too.

* bump copyright date to include 2011

* update email address in manpage * bump copyright

* due to a openbsd manpage bug, the ttl code didn't work right, this is now fixed by using the FreeBSD code. otto@openbsd helped fix this.

* make FreeBSD compile Any RR's are now tested with FreeBSD on example1.conf

* any RR support to the fullest compiles on OpenBSD and responds on OpenBSD with conf file example1.conf