* make everything prettier (KNF) * OpenSMTPD is taken as an example here for prototypes * grooming these was a lot of hard work...

* reflect the year 2014 in the Copyright

* logging logic improvement

* add a debug and verbose flag (-d and -v) * document these along with -r which is recursive mode, which is still broken * add a dolog() function which replaces syslog and printf. In debug mode messages will be printed in the foreground and with verbose option show the parsing logic of the configfile. * replace all syslog() with dolog() tested in debug mode on OpenBSD/amd64

* update my copyright to include the year 2013

* bump copyright to include 2012

* make Linux happy, make NetBSD happy * forgot to add log.c which is needed for this last commit tested on Linux Debian 6.0, NetBSD (compiles), FreeBSD 8.2 (compiles), OpenBSD