* make everything prettier (KNF) * OpenSMTPD is taken as an example here for prototypes * grooming these was a lot of hard work...

* fix linux and macosx Makefile * fix use of SLIST_FOREACH macros on BSD with SLIST_FOREACH_SAFE, many many thank yous to Otto Moerbeek of OpenBSD in helping hint that there is a use after free involved and offering hints on how to fix. This fixes W on OpenBSD-current (5.5-current). Tested on OpenBSD-current, FreeBSD 10 Compiles on Linux Raspbian

* add filtering capability, this is like recurse and will traverse a singly linked list everytime a connect or received packet is made. I'm hoping on revisiting this some day. Thanks to the guys that were abusing/scanning my dns server. * rename some variables around the queue(3) macros that I used for singly linked lists. They should have less confusing reuse of names. I did this in search for a bug that is possibly caused by OpenBSD-current which I currently use as my main developing workstation. * add a sample filter entry in example8.conf Tested to work on OpenBSD 5.5-stable