Untested change to libressl 2.1.1, I'll follow-up commit if this needs touchup

we now rely on libressl 2.0.5, one must download this if using linux and make it (takes about an hour on the raspberry pi) this is better though than having to maintain a utility for arc4random which portably is hard to get right, just let libressl take care of that. We also fix the Mac OS X port with this. At least it compiles now.

* Anyone still using FreeBSD 7 in 2014 should get their head examined * remove freebsd7 and freebsd8 makefiles and add a Makefile.freebsd Not tested, it should just work.

* since Makefile.bsd doesn't exist anymore update configure script * also add netbsd's Makefile in there, it was forgotten.

* fix the configure script so that it produces a config.h * main.c will now require a config.h to exist which requeires a configure to be done before compiling * update README we're changing default privileges from user named to wdnsd

*** empty log message ***

* change to bourne instead of bash, less reliance on bash

* make netbsd happy

* when configuring find out diff between freebsd 7 and rest as 7.X needs a different makefile * freebsd makefiles with afterinstall entry for executing script in freebsd/

* change the configure shell to /usr/bin/env, more portable

* compiles and runs on Mac OS X 10.3.9

* a simple configure script, taken from cryologd, this will make building on Linux a bit nicer