* make everything prettier (KNF) * OpenSMTPD is taken as an example here for prototypes * grooming these was a lot of hard work...

* Fix up some previous made mistakes regarding EDNS0 * This should _hopefully_ complete EDNS0 support (receive and send) * relevant RFC's are RFC 6891 and RFC3225

* reflect the year 2014 in the Copyright

* update my copyright to include the year 2013

* bump copyright to include 2012

Change to berkeley db 4.6+, this allows us to use shared sysv memory needed to have multiple server instances that do recursing. The database is now on disk with this change, with a 260KB (default) SYSV shared memory cache. The cache size can be tweaked with the newly added -c flag. The OS has upper limits for SYSV shared memory though and the -c value must account for 25% more for internal purposes. Revert db.h struct domain to static arrays instead of pointers, this is necessary because we want to use shared memory between the database. This reverts revision 1.13 of db.h which was commited on Sun Mar 28 20:18:26 2010 UTC. So far wildcarddnsd has been extremely stable with the pointers, I'm hoping we'll get this much stability back. Added passive AXFR code. The axfr server does NOT bind to port 53 but rather another port, luckily that is configurable with other nameservers like BIND9. BIND nameservers wanting to make use of a wildcarddnsd master should turn IXFR queries off. Fix a small error that would bring wildcarddnsd to a SIGSEGV due to doing an FD_ISSET() on a non-descriptor. This only happens when one doesn't have the logging system turned on so it took a while for me to find it. Added the -n flag which allows multiple forked copies of wdnsd to be started. This is similar to how apache 1.3 web server does it.

* bump copyright date to include 2011

* remove compiler warnings by casting several functions * change memcasecmp() first and second argument to u_char * compiled on {free,net,open}bsd and linux opensuse 10.3 works ok.

* start development towards recursive lookups, the -r flag (for now) turns on the recursive mode and the "recurse-for" access list allows clients to be recursed. This doesn't work yet but I like the philosophy of commit early and commit often, till the next BETA tag anyhow. * this has the new compress_label() function in it

* change struct domain to use pointers instead of having character arrays for every address. This saves memory and may speed things up a tad. Tested on OpenBSD, Ubuntu 64, FreeBSD 64

* part 1 of merging TTLPATCH branch to HEAD

* static char -> static const char, makes it compilable on NetBSD 4.0

* copyright 2009

* rearranged some lines for variables in functions found in main.c * added a static variable called Wflag to main.c * Wflag when set disables wildcarding and the dns server should act more like any other nameserver responding with NXDOMAIN if the query doesn't match exactly to what's in the database. * updated manpage

* make defines for sleepycat db 4.0 and over * more supported Operating Systems in the README

* tags, rcscmd's, more README stuff, licensing updates

* initial import