0.9.0 is the last version of Wildcarddnsd, the succeeding project is called Delphinusdnsd and will have its first release around November 15th, 2015. The new project page is at

* move todo for 0.9.0 away, I probably won't have the time to finish these things. They are just more on my plate for 1.0.0

* we need to partition the struct domain to reduce size overhead

make an outline of what I want done in the next two releases... - 0.9.0 release is in November 2014 - 1.0.0 release is in November 2015 (10 years of W)

One less todo

One less TODO

* one less TODO

* add Slave AXFR, I need this because my network has changed and I cannot utilize wildcarddnsd as a master.

* add NOTIFY (rfc 1996) could this RFC be written any more WTF style?

* remove SRV RR support as a nice to have / TODO

* remove AXFR as a nice to have / TODO.

* updated TODO

* more todo's regarding the recursive/caching code

* change BUILD_REPLY macro to build_reply() function * fixed A and AAAA answers with tcp, this was a bug * bumped version to 3 in the configfile * added "wildcard-only-for" command to configfile where a slinked list determines who will be wildcarded for, much like a firewall rule * fixed getmask() function that wouldn't allow a rightshift of 32 * did the same for the getmask6 function * removed the -W flag * updated README, examples and manpage tested on FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Linux

* add a root "hint" RR, much like in BIND this is for the DNS root database a "hint" is like a "ns" RR only that it's never authoritative * fix a bug introduced in reply.c version 1.11 where in reply_ns() only 5 NS hosts could be served instead of 10. * instead of 10 RR's allow 20 and alias this as RECORD_COUNT, this allows all 13 root nameservers to be served now. * in reply_ns() compress NS answers, which we didn't do before.

* some TODO updates, removing finished TODO's * update some TXT examples in other example conf files (I should really write a manpage for this)

* TXT RR support tested on OpenBSD

* one more [done] on my list

* more TODO, some configfile proposals

* update TODO * update manpage mentioning that wildcarddnsd now spawns two servers

* update TODO, with another thing done.

* I need a better config file parser

* Make SOA with NXDOMAIN work * some cleaning of reply_soa (remove #if 0's) * some more comments in reply_a for better understanding * update TODO with this thing that was wanted.

* initial import