0.9.0 is the last version of Wildcarddnsd, the succeeding project is called Delphinusdnsd and will have its first release around November 15th, 2015. The new project page is at

/var/db/wdns for mac os x

* make wildcarddnsd compile on Mac OS X with default privileges of "nobody" * indicate install instructions for Mac OS X Yosemite (10.10)

OpenBSD 5.4 -> 5.6


* make wildcarddnsd compile and run on NetBSD 6.1.5

libressl 2.1.1

Linux MINT needs to apt-get install build-essential, in order to build libressl, other than that it works like the others

we use LibreSSL 2.0.5 now, make mention of it. Also update the Mac OS X compile table.

* document a failure that is caused by a freebsd jail.

* give install examples * we want to work at standardizing around berkeley db5 this is the first step.

Raspbian OS support.

* Mac OS X responds to queries

* Mac OS X support from Mecca on Efnet. I tweaked this a little so that it compiles against MacPorts Berkeley DB 4.8. Also I reflected the change in the README. compiles on Mac OS X does not run but could be due to sandboxing/ACL's? I could really need someone good with Mac OS X to look over this and fix it and send patches to me. -pjp

* remove AXFR as a nice to have / TODO.

Change to berkeley db 4.6+, this allows us to use shared sysv memory needed to have multiple server instances that do recursing. The database is now on disk with this change, with a 260KB (default) SYSV shared memory cache. The cache size can be tweaked with the newly added -c flag. The OS has upper limits for SYSV shared memory though and the -c value must account for 25% more for internal purposes. Revert db.h struct domain to static arrays instead of pointers, this is necessary because we want to use shared memory between the database. This reverts revision 1.13 of db.h which was commited on Sun Mar 28 20:18:26 2010 UTC. So far wildcarddnsd has been extremely stable with the pointers, I'm hoping we'll get this much stability back. Added passive AXFR code. The axfr server does NOT bind to port 53 but rather another port, luckily that is configurable with other nameservers like BIND9. BIND nameservers wanting to make use of a wildcarddnsd master should turn IXFR queries off. Fix a small error that would bring wildcarddnsd to a SIGSEGV due to doing an FD_ISSET() on a non-descriptor. This only happens when one doesn't have the logging system turned on so it took a while for me to find it. Added the -n flag which allows multiple forked copies of wdnsd to be started. This is similar to how apache 1.3 web server does it.

* fix the configure script so that it produces a config.h * main.c will now require a config.h to exist which requeires a configure to be done before compiling * update README we're changing default privileges from user named to wdnsd

* make netbsd happy

* update README on what it can't do and what would be nice to have * update main.c for including a pid file, this is work in progress I just want to get this out quick. * fix example files

* mention that Linux uses OpenSSL as of September 15th, 2010.

* re-add Mac OS X 10.3.9 (powerpc)

* change BUILD_REPLY macro to build_reply() function * fixed A and AAAA answers with tcp, this was a bug * bumped version to 3 in the configfile * added "wildcard-only-for" command to configfile where a slinked list determines who will be wildcarded for, much like a firewall rule * fixed getmask() function that wouldn't allow a rightshift of 32 * did the same for the getmask6 function * removed the -W flag * updated README, examples and manpage tested on FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Linux

* groom the README file a bit

* make NetBSD 5.0.1 work again (it leaves ttl at 0 in my tests) * update README, take out some OS's that I have no access to currently Darwin is likely to not work so I took it out. * in the README there was a lot of stuff written that didn't need to be there. This patch will keep it short and simple. Tested on NetBSD 5.0.1 Compiles on OpenBSD, Ubuntu, NetBSD

* take out the "what it can't do" section 6.1