2.0.5 -> 2.1.1

log this change (recieved bytes / sent bytes)

* reflect linux's dependence on libressl 2.0.5

A wildcarddns.conf(5) manpage

* mention filter and whitelist ip ranges functionality

* where the berkeley db database is stored...

* add RFC 1996 master-only support

* NAPTR RFC 2915 support

* EDNS0 support complete * the "bug" that I found was not exploitable since we checked the len earlier for 63 or less length, in fact the code for that is redundant.

Partial EDNS0 support and bug fix

* add a defineable ratelimit between 1 and 127 packets per second per a 16 bit hash of IP (IPv4 and IPv6). * example configuration is in example8.conf where it's 6 packets per second. * this will add memory to the order of 65536 * (((pps * 2) * 8) + 1) so 12 pps would be 12648448 bytes of shared memory added... * also there is a race that I know about in the adding of a packet to the backlog, but I don't use the -n flag in production so it's limited compiles and tested on OpenBSD 5.5

* don't forget to mention that we also support RFC 6594

* add rfc 4255 support (SSHFP) * fix truncation bug with tcp lookups

* Add SPF support

* we have more configuration file options now

Linux uses the CHACHA cipher now.

* parse.y is new

* roll over CHANGES from BETA_8 to BETA_9

* reflect change for the raspberry pi

* debug mode

* now that we are past the BETA_7 tag we add BETA_8 changes.

Mac OS X support

* It's August 14, 2012, I decided to leave Going to continue on with a new alias "pjp".

* SRV RR support mention

* document the fix just committed