Raspbian OS support.

Ooops! I didn't intend to lose support for version 4 database, caught by myself.

* reflect change for the raspberry pi

* make wildcarddnsd compile on the raspberry pi using raspbian OS * Berkeley DB is at version 5 here but it compiles with the version 4 code. compiles on rPi

* add Slave AXFR, I need this because my network has changed and I cannot utilize wildcarddnsd as a master.

* new D.ROOT-SERVERS.NET IP and IP6 addresses taken from here: not tested, config files

* Mac OS X responds to queries

* debug mode

* this file crept in one day.. it's time to attic it

* logging logic improvement

* add a debug and verbose flag (-d and -v) * document these along with -r which is recursive mode, which is still broken * add a dolog() function which replaces syslog and printf. In debug mode messages will be printed in the foreground and with verbose option show the parsing logic of the configfile. * replace all syslog() with dolog() tested in debug mode on OpenBSD/amd64

* now that we are past the BETA_7 tag we add BETA_8 changes.

Mac OS X support

* update my copyright to include the year 2013

* Mac OS X support from Mecca on Efnet. I tweaked this a little so that it compiles against MacPorts Berkeley DB 4.8. Also I reflected the change in the README. compiles on Mac OS X does not run but could be due to sandboxing/ACL's? I could really need someone good with Mac OS X to look over this and fix it and send patches to me. -pjp

* bump copyright to include 2012

* bump copyright to include 2012

* It's August 14, 2012, I decided to leave Going to continue on with a new alias "pjp".

* typo

* check ftok() for errors

* Add TTL support for IPv6. Before an IPv6 address would have a ttl of 0 at all times, well I finally put the code in. It compiles on OpenBSD and Linux and works on OpenBSD. Currently I can't get Linux to work with this and it'll take some time to debug this :-(. compiled and works on OpenBSD

* add NOTIFY (rfc 1996) could this RFC be written any more WTF style?

* remove SRV RR support as a nice to have / TODO

* SRV RR support mention

* SRV RR support The srv configfile sample would look like this: ; srv record test,srv,3600,0,0,0,. The first three values after the TTL are in order, priority, weight and port followed by a domain name. Much of this code is based on reply_mx() so any bugs carried over would be carried over. Tested and compiled on OpenBSD/amd64